Box Scheme

We deliver to your door every Friday between 0900 and 1830.

There is absolutely no commitment. Some customers have orders every week, some every fortnight and some order ad-hoc.

We run an account system for regular customers so you don't have to leave cash.

If you're not in, we can leave your box in a convenient location

Delivery Area

We currently deliver to the following areas:

Penally, Lydstep, Manorbier, Jameston, Freshwater East, Lamphey, Stackpole, Pembroke, Pembroke Dock, Neyland, Rosemarket, Cosheston, Milton, Carew, Creselly, Lawrenny, Redberth, St Florence, East Williamston, Kilgetty, Narberth, Clynderwen, Llanteg, Amroth, Wisemans Bridge, Saundersfoot, New Hedges, Tenby

Please contact us if you live outside these areas


We offer a Bespoke box option so you can build an order of exactly what you want from the produce listed below. The minimum order is £10 (includes delivery) and orders need to be emailed to us by 1000 on a Tuesday morning for the Friday delivery.

Carrot 500g £1.30 Carrot 1kg £2.00
Belana Potatoes (White) £1.25/kg
Full bag (25kg) £15
Half Bag (12.5kg) £8
Quarter Bag (6.25kg) £5
Red Cabbage £1.25
Savoy Cabbage £1.25
January King Cabbage £1.25
Spring Cabbage £1.25
Chard pack £1.60
Broccoli Head (approx 350g) £1.60
Purple Sprouting Broccoli (400g) £2.00
Cauliflower £1.60 each
Beetroot bunch £1.50
Parsnips 500g - £1.30 1kg - £2.00
Leeks (2) £1.60
White Onion £0.95/400g or £1.70/kg
Red Onion £1.20/400g or £2.80/kg
Sprouts N/A
Sprout Stem N/A
Flat Leaf Parsley (bunched) £1.25
Curled Parsley (bunched) £1.25
Coriander (bunched) £1.40
Spinach pack £1.40
Red Bor Kale pack £1.50
Curly Kale pack £1.50
Red Russian Kale pack £1.50
Cavolo Nero Kale pack £1.50
Celeriac £1.20 ea
Swede £0.90 ea
Tomatoes 350g £1.60
Cherry Tomato £4.50/kg
Sweet Potato £3.60/kg
Mushrooms 400g £2.50
Butternut Squash £2.30/kg
Hokkaido Squash £1.95/kg
Red Pepper £4.60/kg
Green Pepper £3.60/kg
Shallots - £3.35/kg
Ramiro Red Pepper £4.35/kg
Garlic £0.65 ea
Ginger £6.10/kg
Chillis approx £0.40 (small) £0.60 (large)
Courgettes £3.30/kg or £0.60 each
Fennel £3.80/kg
Vine Tomatoes £2.15/500g
Aubergine £3.28/kg
Celery £1.50
Avocado £.80 each
Cucumber approx £1.50 each
Mesclun mix pack (assorted salad leaf) £1.50
Lettuce (Lollo Rosso or Butterhead) £1.40 each
Radish bunch £1.50
Runner Beans £4.50/kg or £1.20/350g
Dwarf Beans £9.00/kg or £1.40/200g
Spring Onion bunch £1.10
Hakeuri Turnips (Small sweet Turnip) - £1.20/bunch

Apples £0.34 each
Oranges £0.35 each
Lemons £0.40 each
Bananas £0.27 each
Peaches £0.60 each

* Please note prices can fluctuate from week to week. The above prices act as a guide only.


For full information about our box scheme or to place an order please contact us

01834 843390 or 07909 948281

Or use the form below.

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